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Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist

Give a New Bible to the Church

On November 2nd, as part of our All Saints Sunday worship services, we will be dedicating new Common English Bibles for use in the worship life of Chapel Hill. A great opportunity was provided by Cokesbury for these simple editions of this wonderful English translation of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. Members and friends of Chapel Hill are invited to give a Bible to the church in honor or in memory of someone who is special to you. Bibles may also be given simply “To the Glory of God”. Bibles are $10.00 each. You can fill out the Online Form Here.

We celebrate that two United Methodist ministries will be giving new life to the Revised Standard Version Bibles that were bought and dedicated in the early 1990s for Chapel Hill to use in worship. Kalamazoo First UMC will make use of Bibles for their program with neighbors who are currently homeless. The Petoskey Area Cooperative Parish will make use of Bibles for their sanctuary. The dedication bookplates inside the Bibles will stay in place as the ownership is shifted from Chapel Hill to these other ministries within The United Methodist family.

Please make checks payable to Portage Chapel Hill UMC. Please designate “Bible” on your check or in the Online Giving note. Thank you! Orders can be placed in the offering plate or brought to the office.

Fall Harvest Potluck

Come and celebrate this amazing season of thanksgiving with your church family and friends at the Fall Harvest Potluck on Sunday, November 16th, following the 11:30 service.  If your last name starts with a letter A-M, bring a main dish or appetizer.  If your last name starts with a letter from N-Z, bring a salad or dessert.  Please bring a dish that serves at least 8-10 people, and bring your own table service.  A sign-up sheet is available in the narthex or an Online Form, so we know how many to plan for.  Hope you can join us!


Something inside brought you to this ‘click’.  Maybe you have no connection to any faith at all and are trying to figure out what all the buzz is about.  Maybe you have had really crummy experiences in the faith and are looking for what might be out there that does not require you to “check your mind at the door.”  Maybe you have heard some idle rumor about that brown brick church with the awesome stained glass windows at Oakland and Romence.   Whatever…I am glad you made the ‘click’.  This little section of our website tells you some of the basics of this community of faith.

Recently a member of staff here at PCHUM (Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist) described us as “classically progressive”.  I like that.  We carry the 2000 year-old history of Christianity and the 216 year-old history of Methodism into a culture that is changing so fast we are all seeking some grounding, while knowing that life is different…very different.  We are classical in that we hold the tradition with honor without being tied to it in such a way that it cannot evolve.  And we are progressive in that we work hard to keep the simple message of Jesus relevant to the wild diversity of folks in our time.  Classically progressive…

Every church says it is “friendly”.  And we try.  More than that, though, we have forged a congregation with the questions and concerns of folks new in the faith or needed to be Renewed in the faith in mind.  I hope you come and discover who we are, who Christ is, and who you might become as part of this community.

See you real soon…


Pastor Barry Petrucci


Church Office Hours are:  Monday - Thursday from 9am - 2pm

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Worship Services:

8:00am "A Place at the Table"
(weekly communion with prayer and message in the Chapel)

9:00am "The Gathering"
(a blended worship centered in music and scripture based message)

11:30am "New Life"
(a casual service with the New Life Band)

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