Offering of Letters 2017

On Sunday, March 26, we will be conducting an Offering of Letters to our Federal representatives. If you live in this general vicinity, your Federal representatives are: Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Gary Peters, Representative Fred Upton (6th District).  Letters to our legislators will be written before, during, and after the services on the 26th, and will be prayed over as an offering from the people to be blessed by God.  If you would like to write letters before-hand and bring them to the church any time before Tuesday, March 28th, that is more than ok, as they will be included in the Offering of Letters.

This year the Chapel Hill “Faith In Action Team” offers these topics of special concern:  Concerns around further cuts to the social safety net in the United States and affirmation of the strong U.S. tradition of humanitarian aid around the world.  Support for open immigration and refugee resettlement policies.  The sample letter below covers each of these topics. You may choose to include any or all of the topics in your letter, include other topics, and/or change the wording however you choose.  Letters in your own words are most effective, so please personalize your letter however best represents your feelings.  Sample Letter