Refugee Resettlement

The Khayara Family Update, November 1, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                   May marked the beginning of the second year of residence in the Portage area for the Khayaras.  Annas, Lama, Ammar, Noor, Hamza and Shahd continue to experience life in this area. Ammar is a freshman at Portage Northern High School and is a member of the soccer team; he enjoys many sports including track and Karate. Younger brother, Hamza, enjoys playing soccer as well. Noor is in eighth grade this year, and she will be moving up to the high school next year. Hamza is in sixth grade. Shahd will be two in February and enjoys toddler life.  Annas is currently in physical therapy as he recovers from shoulder surgery while Lama keeps things organized at home. They continue to be grateful for the continued support from Chapel Hill.

Walking with the Khayara Family, October 23, 2016
The Khayaras extend their heartfelt gratitude for all of the support and care you have given them as they settle into life in America.  We will continue to support them in any way we can as we have just purchased winter clothing and boots for the older kids, Ammar, Noor and Hamza, and boots for Anas and Lama. We have also helped getting daughter Noor a pair of glasses.  In addition, we have recently donated kitchen and cleaning items as their supply was running low.  In anticipation of other needs that will occur, we would like to establish a fund so that when a need arises, we will have the funds on hand. 

Remember the words of Matthew 25:35 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” as we show our love for the Khayaras. You may give by check or online under the heading Refugee Resettlement.

The Khayara Family, October 16, 2016
Our Syrian family has experienced lots of changes and challenges since their arrival last May. The older kids, Ammar,  Nour and Hamza are in school.  Right now, learning English and doing homework keep them very busy.  We take the older kids to the Kumon Center for homework help and English skills on Mondays and Wednesday afternoons. Ammar has been playing soccer and we try our best to take him to practice and to some games. These kids are happy, healthy and grateful for our relationship with them. Just last week, we were able to provide them with winter coats and boots. Shahed, the youngest, is about 9 months old, and she is an active, smiley baby.

Parents, Anas and Lama, are also busy. Anas is working as an automobile mechanic in Kalamazoo and Lama stays home to care for Shahed. Learning English has been difficult. Lama receives tutoring help from a program at Prince of Peace Church during the week and also from folks here at Chapel Hill. In addition, a tutor from Portage Schools visits them once a week.  Anas gets help with English from family and friends.

We are continuing our support for the Khayara family as about twenty Syrian families have recently resettled in this area and the Kalamazoo Islamic Center is involved in caring for them. The Khayaras have expressed their gratitude to us many times, and we are blessed to be able to help out. Please contact Deacon Pat, for further information.